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MBA | Director | Enterprise Architect | Big Data & Analytics | Application | Software | Product Develeopment | Engineering | Digital Solutions | Cloud Computing | IT Governance | TOGAF | ITIL.

Tata Consultancy Services (TCS), New Jersey

Chief Architect/Consulting Partner, AWSBU for BTG (Global) Practice.

Sector: Consulting Solutions for Life Science, Healthcare, Retail, Public Sector and Manufacturing.

Enterprise Architect, BFSI (East) Practice and BFSI Advisory Group (Global) Practice

Sector: Consulting Solutions for Banking, Finance, Government and Insurance.

New York Daily News, New Jersey & New York

Sr. Director, Information Technology and Applications.

Sector: Publishing and Digital Solutions.

GE-NBC UNIVERSAL, New Jersey & New York

Senior Database Architect (USA and Europe).

Sector: Media and Entertainment.

Bank of America Securities, New York

Vice President / Team Manager (USA & India).

Sector: Financial Institutes/Investment Banking.

Credit Suisse, New York

Senior Technical Consultant-Global DBA Team (USA, Europe & Singapore).

Sector: Financial Institutes/Investment Banking.

Lehman Brothers, New Jersey

Vice President, Global Architecture and Engineering (USA, Europe & India).

Sector: Financial Institutes/Investment Banking.

Plateau Systems (Success Factors), Arlington, Virginia

Chief Data/Database Architect.

Sector: Learning Management Systems (LMS), Educational Software.

Oracle Corporation, Consulting Practice, New York and New Jersey

Technical Manager, Practice : Architecture Server Group and Financial Sector.

Sector: Consulting for : Financial Institutes/Investment Banking, Media and Entertainment, Health Care, Electronic Commerce, Banking Sectors, Government Sectors and Major Enterprise Organizations.

Data Industries Ltd., New York

Senior Database Administrator / Technical Manager.

Sector: Consulting for Banking Sectors and Government Sectors for New York City Human Resources Administration - Paperless office System (POS).

Zeitech Inc., New York

Systems Administrator / Database Administrator.

Sector: Consulting for Banking Sectors and Financial Institutes/Investment Banking.

Reuters Singapore Pte., Singapore

Systems and Database Administrator for Far East & Japan.

Sector: Media, News Agency.

Abacus Distribution Pte., Singapore

Project Leader for Far East (Singapore, Malaysia, Hongkong, Indonesia, Brunei, Tapei, S.Korea).

Sector: Airlines and Ticketing Systems.

Wipro InfoTech Ltd., Calcutta/Bangalore, India

Sr. Customer Support Executive / Database Specialist. (Database, Engineering Practice, Pre-Sales)

Sector: Nation-wide Consulting for Banking Sectors, Educational Institutes, Government Sectors, Health Care and Enterprise Sectors.

Nelco Ltd., Calcutta/Jamshedpur, India

Systems Support Executive (UNIX/Linux/Database, Pre-Sales).

Sector: Nation-wide Consulting for Banking Sectors, Educational Institutes, Government Sectors, Health Care and Enterprise Sectors.

Method Applied to IT

Continuous improvement applied for IT strategy solution to improve customer focus, training, quality management, teamwork, process management, product design, quality culture and hands-on projects to meet the client and organizational standards.

Popular Methods are : Lean, Agile, Kaizen.

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